Performance handout statement

'UPP. Unofficial Performance Project'. Performance & handout statement / manifesto on offficial versus unofficial performances in ATOMIUM - Het Boudewijn / Baudouin Experiment, Brussels, Belgium. Group. 2001


A simple story told with a bullet-proof antimessage.
Bourgeoisie trust between artist, gallery, collector and the public
builds on a hidden utopian idea: You lick my ass, they lick your arse.

"Art is a tiny little town, and the people who sit around the mayor's table are very few. This is beyond the pale
for them, and it will take me a long time to live it down. But I don't regret it. People in the fine art scene,
and probably in most professions, wander around with a cancerous loathing of other people, and they never say it.
So why waste time when you're alive wandering around and not telling the thuth?"


The idea is civil war in the family.
When the whole family are in a civil war, there is no more illusion of surviving.
It is full of sexual violence towards the body, we are all humiliated, besotted, besmirched, torn apart,
entered and cut out solely for the pleasure of carrying out the will.
And it is filled with deterrent procurators. Where this type of reason dominates to the point of
complete destruction of all that is pure laughter.

Civil war is targeting order where language and action is central. Action is limited in language
and multicated as a fact. Repetitions become linguistic objects of knowledge and infinite murder.

UNOFFICIAL = OFFICIAL (no performance needed...)

When civil war ends and we see the only survivor, the 'sus', then we recognise the bourgeoisie hero or heroin
and that the only way to be full and real is to lick your ass.

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