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Advertisements and recitation texts to be used in the exhibition concept described below. Presented to several galleries in 1994 & 1995, but never realised.


This work displays a dialogue and confrontation between the intimate and the public, combining the personal, mass media, fashion and environment, exemplified through concepts on beauty and volition. Includes sound (recorded recitations), texts, drawings, advertisements, photography, performance, installation.

The piece can be exhibited in 2 different environments, lasting for a minimum of 7 days.
1. Gallery / art centre
2. Café / bar

The exhibition catalogue will be designed as a fashion / design magazine with articles, interviews, a photo-reportage and advertisements produced by us.

It is our aim to exhibit "Beauty and Volition" in 3 different countries. We will seek sponsors amongst and cooperation with newspapers, designers, fashion houses, shops and others in each country.

Sound installation
Short recitations from two different sources / speakers, by male and female voices in 9 languages: Spanish, Greek, Slovenian, German, Luxembourgish, Swedish, Japanese and Arabic (Cairo dialect) and English. There will be 10 texts recited in 1 to 2 languages. The recitations will come in different combinations of languages and texts, with pauses of varying length in-between and sometimes overlapping. The voices will seem somehow distant and express emotions which a person posesses towards their closest friends or family. For most visitors the recitations will be enjoyed as sound or music, since few will understand all 9 languages. (See recitation texts in the slides above.)

We will place 7 advertisements with contact info, each appearing from 1 to 4 times in different newspapers during the exhibition. (See slides above)

The first group of ads has domestic and personal aims.
Ad 1. Residence
Ad 2. Dalmatian
Ad 3. Ars Moriendi
The second group of ads are texts with philosophical and / or political content.
Ad 4. Beauty
Ad 5. Volition
Ad 6. Pleasure
Ad 7. Elite


Example 1: Exhibition in a gallery / art centre
At the opening a Testarossa Ferrari or Jaguar XJ220 will be parked on the street outside the gallery. For the rest of the exhibition a reservation sign will be placed on the same spot, with the exhibition title and the name of the gallery.

In the gallery there will be 1 male or female professional model wearing a luxury outfit.
There will be 7 different models dressed in 7 different outfits from different top designers. Each appearing 1 day weekly. On the vernissage all 7 models will be present. They will represent the fashion houses, always be present in the exhibition space and act as hosts / hostesses. Welcome each visitor, offer a seat, cigarettes, mineral water and newspapers to read. They will also guide them through the exhibition, to the gallerist and give information. They will radiate charm and arouse a comfortable or uncomfortable experience or a mixture of both. We will look for fashion houses that are interested, and in collaboration with them choose outfits and models. The outfits will suit the daily working situation in the gallery. (No party clothes.)

Furniture in 2 separate arrangements:
A) Sofa, table, ashtray.
B) Chair, smaller table, ashtray.
Each object will be from different designers, arranged after our personal liking.
On each table: 2 daily newspapers, matches, sigarettes.
Advertisement in 1 of the 2 newspapers each day.
Sound installation with the recitation LP / cassette.
Exhibition catalogue: Fashion / design magazine.


Example 2: Exhibition in a café / bar
In this context furniture arrangements, charming service, a seat, drinks and newspapers will already exist. Instead of models in outfits there will be waiters and waitresses. Free cigarettes will be offered to visitors.
Advertisements: The 7 ads will be in the newspapers (1 ad in 1 newspaper each day) with contact info to the café/bar.
Sound: The recitations will be played over the stereo.
Catalogue: The fashion / design magazine produced by us will be available.


Piece 1. Arrangement of sofa, table, ashtray, matches, 2 packets of cigarettes and 2 newspapers from each day of the exhibition (1 of the 2 contains an advertisement), and 1 sound cassette with all the recitations.
Piece 2. Arrangement of chair, smaller table, ashtray, matches, 2 packets of cigarettes and 2 newspapers from each day of the exhibition (1 of the 2 contains an advertisement), and the recitation cassette.
Piece 3 to... (limited number). Each piece contains 2 daily newspapers (one with ad) from 1 day of the exhibition and the recitation on an LP or cassette.

Copenhagen, October 1994


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