ass make comeback, mother-fukers

'Ass make comeback ------ mother-fuckers'. Brussels, 2000-2001
UPP (Åsa Lie & Jadran Sturm unofficial performance project)
Actions and handouts by Åsa Lie & Jadran Sturm


ACTION I: How to invisibly fuck the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie. Souvenirs. GALERY XAVIER HUFKENS, at the opening of Malcolm Morley, Brussel, Belgium, 06.12.2000.

ACTION II: Ass + mother….fuckers littered in a boring pretension. GALERIE DRANTMANN, at the opening of Willem Oorebeek, Brussel, Belgium, 11.01.2001.

ACTION III: Entered, turned of the lights, 6 minutes of complete darkness in the gallery. GALERIE RODOLPHE JANSSEN, at the opening of Marc Guillaume. Brussel, Belgium, 18.01.2001.

ACTION IV: Back to the civil war. Jan Hoet desperately needs a ciggy and is boxing me with his head. HUIZE MARIJKE SCHREURS / LA MAISON DE MARIJKE SCHREURS, at the Maurice Blaussyld opening. Brussel, Belgium, 20.01.2001.

ACTION V: On a beatific Sunday evening in the garden. Marie-Puck forbid me to compare P.P.Pasolini with her father M.Broodthaers. HYPER SPACE / Marie-Puck Broodthaers, Brussel, Belgium, 27.05.2001.


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